Assembly Equipments


Riveting and capping equipment. With the following main characteristics:

  • Manual part loading and unloading
  • Four position rotary table by Weiss
  • AGME Riveting Units
  • Kistler brand riveting drive controllers
  • Riveting unit handling system using Bosch / Rexroth servomotors
  • Sistema de lubrificação automático da peça
  • Part automatic lubrication system
  • Hydraulic Actuator for Plug Assembly
  • Stress controllers for the Kistler brand introduction operation
  • Part Bore Control System

Car Roofs

Assembly of components in car roofs:

  • Manual loading of ceilings in the equipment
  • Traceability of the process through manual bar code reading
  • Manual loading of components with automatic indication of components to be assembled
  • Verification of the conformity of the ceilings with artificial vision system
  • Automatic glue application with industrial robot
  • Automatic assembly of components with specific counterform
  • Manual download of ceilings in the equipment